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Rama Nama Taraka Mantra Homa (Punarvasu Nakshatra)

Rama Nama Taraka Mantra Homa (Punarvasu Nakshatra)


The scriptures proclaim that the "Taraka Mantra" of Lord Rama is a Moksha bestowing
mantra. Taraka means bridge, and the beauty of this mantra is that it acts as a bridge for
devotees to cross the cycle of birth and rebirth. It was chanted by Lord Shiva, Sage Valmiki,
Sage Narada, Lord Hanuman, Sita Devi and many other divine beings many yugas ago. It
purifies the mind, removes karmic bondages, and spiritually elevates the devotee. When
chanted through the offering of Homa, the benediction of the mantra is multiplied multifold.
Also, as it is offered in the vicinity of over 25000 powerful Saligramas, the power of this
mantra is sure to permeate all devotees. We invite all to participate in this unique Homa and
receive the grace of Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy on this Punarvasu nakshatra day.

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