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Sahasra Deepa Alankara Seva

Sahasra Deepa Alankara Seva


Every Saturday, in the Sahasra Deepa Alankara Seva, Sri Srinivasa and His consorts are seated on a swing while a 1000 lamps are lit around them. Panchakajjya Naivedya, a special offering of dried coconut, cashew nut, cardamom, saffron, and sugar, is offered while melodious songs of Tyagaraja and Purandaradasa, Madhura Sangeetham, and Nadaswaram are heard. A Nakshatra Harati and a camphor Harati are offered and the lord is taken in procession. After, a Harati in the eight directions, kumbha harati, and a final camphor harati are offered, and the Lord is brought into the main shrine.

All auspiciousness and the light of a 1000 lamps envelops the lives of those who partake in this seva on their wedding day. This seva is especially important in the month of Kartika and in the Tamil month of Margali. If performed on vaikunta ekadasi, this seva bestows countless prosperities.

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