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Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy Abhisheka (Krishna Paksha Ekadasi)

Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy Abhisheka (Krishna Paksha Ekadasi)


Many eons ago, an Asura named Hiranyaksha once ravaged the earth and it’s inhabitants. Unable to bear the torment, Mother Earth implored Sriman Narayana to intervene. The Lord, being ever compassionate, descended towards the earth in His Varaha avatar, and saved all of creation. With the goddess Bhu Devi seated upon his lap, Lord Varaha is present here in his Adi Varaha form. Every second Ekadasi of the month, this divine form is worshipped with the offering of an Abhishekam. As Vedic hymns are chanted, the Lord is bathed in sanctified water, milk, tender coconut water, turmeric paste, sandalwood paste, and honey.

The scriptures state that the worship of Bhu Varaha swamy is especially useful in resolving problems related to land and property. The Lord confers those who worship him with good health, prosperity, and the quality of being a friend to all.

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