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Sri Govindaraja Abhisheka

Sri Govindaraja Abhisheka


According to the sthala purana, when Sri Srinivasa was to set to marry Padmavati Devi, Kubera lent him gold for his wedding. It is said that Sri Ranganatha Swamy manifested as Govindaraja to count this wealth. Apparently, Kubera had lent so much wealth, that Govindaraja fell asleep before he could even finish counting. Thus this unique form of the Lord Narayana, Govindaraja Swamy, can be seen in a reclining posture, akin to that of Lord Padmanabha and Lord Ranganatha.

Worshipping this form of Lord Narayana bestows an equanimous state. Good health, prosperity, and the ability to bear hardships with forbearance enriches those who beseech Him. On this Shukla Paksha Ekadashi day, we invite all devotees to participate in the Abhisheka of this divine form. . As Vedic hymns are chanted, the Lord is bathed in sanctified water, milk, tender coconut water, turmeric paste, sandalwood paste, and honey. Join us in receiving his grace.

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