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Sri Venugopala swamy abhishekam

Sri Venugopala swamy abhishekam


Sri Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Narayana, and has been revered throughout the ages as a teacher, friend, beloved, and almighty. Every month on Rohini Nakshatra day, His janma Nakshatra, a unique abhisheka is offered to him in his Venugopala Form. This tender form of the Lord depicts him playing his flute, while a cow rests at his divine feet. Worshiping the Lord in this manner is said to bless one with mental healing, eradication of Saturn related astrological difficulties, removal of negative karmas, and assistance in leading a life of Dharma.

We invite all to worship Lord Sri Krishna on this sacred day, and feel the serenity and bliss of his divine form. Join us in receiving the grace of Sri Krishna.

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