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Sri Rama Abhishekam

Sri Rama Abhishekam


Lord Rama established Dharma throughout India, and led a life of righteousness as an example for all of us. Though his life was filled with tribulations, he never once faltered in his steadfastness to Dharma. In Srinivas Saligrma Devasthana, Lord Rama is present along with His consort Sita Devi & His brother Lakshmana in a form resembling the one at the Holy pilgrimage of Badrachalam. An Abhisheka is offered to his divine murthy every Punarvasu Nakshatra day in accordance with the Vaikhanasa Agama.

The worship of the Lord in this manner bestows an eradication of sorrows, wisdom, good health, and the strength to live in righteousness despite any tribulations. We invite all to worship Lord Sri Sita Rama on this sacred day, and feel the serenity and bliss of his divine form; a bliss which cannot be described through words alone. May the grace of Sri Sita Rama permeate all devotees.

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