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Sri Srinivasa Laksha Tulsi Archana

Sri Srinivasa Laksha Tulsi Archana


Out of the many items offered to Sri Srinivasa, Tulsi is considered the most sacred. It is considered to be a form of the Godess Maha Lakshmi and bestows auspiciousness, wealth, and removes all sorrow. On this day, join us as we worship the Lord with 1,00,000 Tulsi leaves alongside the powerful Sri Srinivasa Sahasranama.

This unique seva attracts an abundance of spiritual energy, removes obstacles and fear in one’s life, assuages ill health, prevents untimely death, and thwarts astrological ailments. It bestows prosperity, spiritual discernment, and allows one to achieve moksha. Take part in this seva, and experience the divine grace of the Lord.

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