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Sri Maha Lakshmi Homa

Sri Maha Lakshmi Homa


Mahalakshmi Devi is the eternal consort of Sri Srinivasa and accompanies him in all his forms. She is hailed in the Vedas as the mother of this universe who removes of all sorrows and poverty. She resides in Sri Srinivasa’s heart and bestows material wealth, spiritual wealth, and the ultimate boon of Moksha. Mahalakshmi Homa is a powerful Vedic fire ceremony which confers the grace and blessings of the divine mother on the devotee.

As this Homa is performed in the presence of over 25000 Saligramas on the auspicious Pournami (full moon) day, the effects of the Homa are multiplied and have the power to liberate one from karmic bondages.

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